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A Day on Colorado Highway 24: Colorado Springs to Buena Vista

Erika M. Schreck, Colorado Magazine, May 2004 If mountain towns, vast plains with buffalo, mule deer, mountains from every view and roadside red rocks comprise Colorado in your mind, you’ll get the whole deal when traveling west on Highway 24 from Colorado Springs.  The drive alone is worth a day trip. Every day trip begins with …

Apostrophes Are Disappearing—Why Competent Writing Is Ever Important in Our Text-Messaging Age

Erika M. Schreck, CU Parent Newsletter, Fall 2008 The University of Colorado Boulder Apostrophes are disappearing, and I’m convinced that our newer technology, primarily text-messaging (often called “texting,” which is also now a verb), is the culprit.  When I share my Apostrophe Theory with students, they smirk and then guiltily agree.  In a multi-tasking time, we’ve …

An Abandoned Home

“An Abandoned Home” Published January 18, 2016 Proximity Magazine, “Home” Issue Erika M. Schreck